Identity theft for breakfast

Last week Max decided that his cat, Memphis “Turdie” Hislastname, needed a gmail account. He used Big Betty to create the account and set it so that it automatically logs in whenever you start Windows.

Yesterday, I was using Betty to do some stuff and noticed that Memphis was logged in so I started bugging Jaycie. It freaked her out because she wasn’t sure who would be logged in as Memphis “Turdie” Hislastname. Eventually, I told her it was me.

When the kidlings rolled into Supergenius HQ at 6:50 this a.m. Max launched into a speech about how I had stolen Turdie’s identity.

“He didn’t go to free credit report dot com,” Max said.
“He should have seen it coming at him like an atom bomb,” I said.

Now they are making up new lyrics to the free credit report dot com jingles and it’s not even 7:30. It’s going to be a long, long day.

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