I am not sure of the symbolism of a hedgehog making a milk shake

In the dream Grumpy’s was crowded. I was sitting at a table with Vodo and some other friends of mine. Peabo was at a different table across the bar with Neko Case and some other friends.

Vodo gave me a card in the shape of a bowling ball, inside he had drawn a cartoon of a hedgehog making a milkshake. When he handed me the card he said, “Now Chromes [a nickname I haven’t been called since college] I’m leaving for Vegas on Friday, that means. . . ”

I didn’t stick around to hear the rest of the sentence. Instead, I walked over to Peabo’s table to show her the card but really to talk with Neko. Peabo took the card and went to talk to Vodo about it while Neko and I decided to play the jukebox. She wanted to play The Who and I wanted to play the Stones. She won.

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