Jukebox hero with stars in my eyes

Friday night, instead of stewing in the sea of discontent, I went over to BFK’s to celebrate her hubby’s birthday and form a new addiction.

I’m a little late to the Guitar Hero phenomenon, however I plan on making up for lost time. Because this game is the best thing that ever happened to video games. Ever.

I think once I get good at Guitar Hero it will allow me to live out all my rockstar fantasies right in my very own living room (well, BFK’s or Sister #2’s living room for the time being because I don’t have a Playstation or the game, but you know what I mean).

Right now, I am not very good. In fact, I am really quite bad. Stunningly bad. So is Max. He and I are so bad that after Jaycie kicked both of our asses, we pouted and talked about if it were Guitar Hero Trivia or something we would kick everybody else’s butt and rule. Then we tried to high five each other and missed. Prompting BFK’s brother-in-law Tommy to guffaw and remark that I am right, Max and I really are quite alike.

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