A Little Close to Whole Again

Max has been talking about how excited he was to go to Mr. Pig Stuff for the past three weeks. It’s his favorite restaurant in all of Shakopee and he was downright giddy as we sped to meet The Tibbles & Sister #3 for dinner. We were, of course, late because I am an eternal optimist who thinks everything will take less time than it does. And also, a jackass.

Sister #3 & The Tibbles were so excited to see Max they left the table to come and hug him as we stood at the register ordering our delicious sandwiches.

After an all too quick dinner. . . it was cold as fuck in the restauarnt, Max and I peeled outta Mr. Pig Stuff, the windows down and the air warm, the sun starting to set.

He talked about how good the food was and how much he had been anticipating it. “I fasted all day like I was Ron Swanson going to Mulligan’s,” he said.

We drove south on Marschall Road towards Supergenius HQ as I punched the radio dial. “None of these damn station realize we need loud rock & roll to singalong to.” I waved my hand in disgust at the radio, then the opening strains of “Sweet Child O’Mine” flowed from Ruby’s speakers.

“IS THAT THEM?” I shouted as I punched the radio up to volume 35.
“YEAH.” Max said.

I slowed down and pulled up to Sister #3’s car, and Cade rolled down his window. “Turn it to 104.1 right now.” Sister #3 nodded.

The light turned green and as we drove past I could see Sister #3 singing along. Nolan the young Guns’N’Roses lover in my life, rolled down his window and raised his fist in the air. Max I raised our hands with heavy metal fingers flying high.

It was a glorious moment of music and togetherness and feeling a little close to whole now that Max is back in Minnesota for a week.

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  1. shokkou 16.Apr.15 at 10:39 am

    I could feel the summer-time vibe in your post. Rock on sister! :o)


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