Thoughts had while taking a Sunday evening bath

1. Like a typical Gemini I have dual personalities, sadly they are both shut-ins
2. This bathtub would be so much better if it were about seven inches longer
3. One person’s doing nothing is another person’s productive thinking
4. I will be 36 on Friday and unless something magical happens in the next five days, I will not have had sex at all while I was 35.
6. I don’t see how people read in the tub
7. God help me, I actually enjoy the smell of patchouli

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  • shokkou

    02.Jun.08 at 9:33 am

    I will be forty and seven on Thursday and i probably haven’t even HAD sex (with another person) since i was 35. Ouch! :o) Luckily my Castor and my Pollux love each other a lot. And often.

  • Lauren

    02.Jun.08 at 11:37 pm

    I just stumbled on your blog by googling Mary Gaitskill and liked your entry about her from 2006 so much I came to your current page. And I have to confess, I like the smell of patchouli, too! Not to be weird but I think it has an aphrodisiac quality. I just love it!


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