empty handed

it was about nine o’clock and i was driving home from kari’s. it was sorta stormy looking and sunsetting. odd, odd natural light outside of ruby’s windshield.

i had my elbow on the armrest and looked down at my hand.

it was empty and that just made me so sad. because it shouldn’t be empty like that all the time. i have wonderful hands for holding– strong, soft and capable.

but still they are empty. even the words i keep in my hands i give away. leaving me empty.

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  1. Thomas 30.May.02 at 7:01 am

    As you’ve shown everyone, your hands aren’t empty, rather, they’re filled with potential energy. They’re ready to touch people with the words you haven’t written, and all the people you haven’t held in them. In time, they’ll be physically filled with the firm handshakes of countless people, with ripping bedsheets as your lover brings you to yet another soul-wrenching climax, with the warm, smooth skin of your firstborn, and with every letter of every word of each of these experiences falling to the keyboard like warm rain on the soft soil.

    The words recorded here aren’t given away, they’ve been shared with us, while still being yours. And those words, that kinetic energy, are that which made me, a classic “lurker”, take the time to pen my own thoughts here.

    You’re a very special person, and while you can’t see us, your words hold us all in those talented resilient, and supple hands.