A selection of topics from this morning’s co-worker coffee klatch

  • How my mom voted for Jerry Brown in the Wisconsin primary back in 2000
  • If Tim Russert’s makeup artist is given actual creative direction to make him look disheveled
  • Whether Leinie’s Red is the superior Leinie’s (it’s not)
  • Lloyd Bentson and James Stockdale
  • Pete Meyers and how he made me fall in love with him by using the word circuitous
  • Al, the cutest girl on earth™, and her crush on Brian Williams
  • The Cosby Kids
  • Amy Winehouse, Barbara Walters, and how Joy Behar is a total bitch who said, “there is so many things wrong with so many artists, Van Gogh was a homosexual. . . ” on The View yesterday
  • Why nobody called Al, when Lenny Kravitz didn’t have sex for three years
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  1. Chris 13.Feb.08 at 6:56 pm

    And all the time I thought Van Gogh was just crazy…

  2. Jodi 13.Feb.08 at 7:02 pm

    Crazy and gay! You know those artists all have something wrong with them. Me, I’m crazy and have a Dawson’s Creek fetish.

  3. Holtz 15.Feb.08 at 5:45 pm

    Leinies Red is not good, Honey Weiss is my favorite from Leinies. I just lloked at their site and realzied there are quite a few I haven’t tried, such as Sunset Wheat, Apple Spice or Summer Shandy but I have had the Big Butt Leinies!


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