A review of Rick Kupchella’s book by Cade, age 6

What we did today

Cade climbed up onto the loveseat next to me, with two books in his arms.
“Here.” He pushed the books toward me. “You like books. You can have these.”
“Oh,” I read the titles and was surprised to see local TV news anchor Rick Kupchella‘s name on the cover. “Who did you get these from?”
“I don’t know,” he said. “My family.”


“Why do you want me to take this home?”
“You like books and it’s boring.”
“BOOOOOOOoooorrrrrring,” he said.
“Why is it boring?”
Cade took the book from my hands and started to turn the pages. “Well there’s too many words.” He pointed at the page. “And they are all Noooooooooo!”

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