Ridiculously excited to give these gifts

Have I mentioned lately how much I love The Black Sheep, my writing group formerly known as The Chicken Fingers? Not only do I love them for being obnoxiously smart, super supportive, and just generally all-around beautiful people, but because they make Christmas so damn fabulous.

I can guarantee you that when the Tibbles open these gifts on Christmas day and I point to the inscriptions and tell them how I know those authors that I will cry. Hell, I’m crying already just typing about it. Giving books, which I love more than anything, by people I adore to the kids I love makes me a little weepy.

My only regret is that Jaycie and Max are still a little too young for Steve’s The Absolute Value of -1 and Brooklyn, Burning. Maybe next year.

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  1. Angela S 14.Dec.11 at 12:34 pm

    I’m going to start writing just so I can hang out with you guys. I’m so jealous of Kurtis.

  2. todd 15.Dec.11 at 11:41 am

    That is very touching. These gifts will last probably long after the novelty others. Thank you for sharing the inscriptions with us.

  3. David 18.Dec.11 at 6:48 pm

    With these gifts you have just become the coolest aunt ever.


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