Out of the penalty box

I had to spend two days in the penalty box for unhumanlike conduct. I had a nasty bout of insomnia that left me a bratty, self-pity-filled baby. I figured the Internet didn’t need any more of my self-indulgent babbling about turning into a basement-dwelling gas station attendant. I know I didn’t.

I’m out of the penalty box now after having slept nearly seven hours in row and I’m ready to make amends. So how are you Internet? Are you so excited for Rock of Love 2 this weekend that you can’t stop vibrating? Because I kind of am.

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  1. paulie 10.Jan.08 at 8:09 pm

    penalty box? penalty box? rock of love!?! this should get you kicked off the team! whats next the”i Love New York” marathon? i mean i can see the Two Coreys show that was quality shit from some underrated eighties actors but brett michaels? maybe Kip Winger and Nelson can get a show next!

  2. Jodi 10.Jan.08 at 8:18 pm

    If they did Rock of Love Nelson, I would never leave the house again. How awesome would that be? Have you ever seen the glory that is the Rock of Love?

  3. paulie 11.Jan.08 at 4:11 am

    no i never saw the white mans version of Flavor of Love, another step towards the decline of western civilization but the roast of flavor flav on the comedy channel was surprisingly pretty funny.

    oh and forget about Nelson don’t give those VH1 execs any ideas….

  4. PeeWee 12.Jan.08 at 7:58 pm

    I woke up today and thought it was Sunday. Wah. I can’t wait for some Rock of Love tomorrow!!


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