dance like the king of the eyesores

1. lack of sleep has made me thoughtful and pensive. i need to start going to bed before 2 in the AM, ya know?

2. i wished i had put on more clothes this morning because i’m kinda shivering here.

3. robert never called me back after i left that message (he is not the hanger-upper from last night) how super stinky is that?

4. the new york times reviewed westerberg.

5. you know the drill.

6. i never tried the ice cream maybe when i get home tonight.

7. i promise to write something thoughtful and insightful soon, really.

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  1. Thomas 30.Oct.03 at 1:20 pm

    1) Lack of sleep sucks; I had my teeth cleaned yesterday and my jaw ached all night (no pain killers besides Tylenol).

    2) Less clothes and more pictures, please. Turn up the heat (Literally and figuratively!)

    3) He’s probably writing in his own blog about how a super swanky/sexy bodacious ta-ta girl called and left him a message and now he’s got the oogy quivers in his tummy wondering of your like him or like like him.

    4) I refuse to sign up for NYT spam, I’ll assume it was favorable.

    5) Show the 5 some love!

    6) Refrozen ice cream is rarely yummy… It’s usually gummy and tastes funny, even if it’s been in the fridge.

    7) You write thoughtful and insightful stuff all the time. Let’s have more posts like “I realized I had my underwear on backwards all day after I came home from the bowling alley”, or similarly “normal” stuff. You get dark when you force insight.


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