Conclusions I came to on the commute to work

1. I am turning into an alien. I have a dry, scaly patch on the back of my neck. I can’t quite see it with a mirror but I’m pretty sure it’s green and purple, because I saw it on V once.

2. John Updike is old and boring and writes old and boring short stories for the New Yorker. He’s like the male Alice Munro, and let me tell you that’s not a good thing.

That is all, I have a pretty short commute.

Bonus conclusion: Social Networking scares me. I don’t understand Facebook no matter how hard I try. I just joined LinkedIn and it looks as though everyone I ever met ever is on that site. It’s weird having all these ghosts from the past all up in my grill, you know?

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  1. phil 07.Jan.08 at 7:00 pm

    man i loved v when it first aired.i also dont get facebook,its not fun like myspace.its almost clinical.i could give a rats ass about updike,i did pick up arsonists guide on your seems funny and cool.i wouldnt be shocked if i found a vibrator under my pillow,a updike though,that would freak me out!

  2. christa 08.Jan.08 at 4:02 am

    there are not enough bloggers in the world who remember the show V.


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