Dressing sharp but feeling dull

Sometimes when I get musically lonely, I will turn to a former spurned lover for comfort.

Late last week I had to put the brakes on my love affair with Lucinda Williams’ “West.” Things were moving too fast and I was afraid it would burn too brightly too quickly and I would tire of her.

I tried to turn to Ted Leo + The Pharmacists’ “Living with the Living.” But I didn’t have the attention span, patience, or desire to really invest in something new.

I am a fickle lover.

Today in my musical pining, I turned to the much maligned (by me) and often overlooked “Don’t Tell a Soul” by The Replacements. This is not my favorite ‘Mats record. Depending on my mood, I rate it either above or below “Stink.” They often battle for even a dollop of my ‘matsfection.

But today it’s feeling kind of good, like sex after a long dry spell with someone you shouldn’t be sexing up. The sex might just be so-so, but it is still sex. Youknowwhatimtalkingabout?

Of course, all my good feeling for “Don’t Tell a Soul” has vanished. I was just sitting here writing it all down when some co-workers stopped by to chat. Well they ostensibly stopped to chat, really I think they wanted jellybeans.

So I pop off the Disco Stu headphones (which are hardly working at all lately — I have to wiggle the wires to get sound) and because I am a gracious hostess.

“Are you listening to Def Leppard?” The Wrath asks, pointing to the headphones which are still emitting music.
“Def Leppard?” He shakes the headphones at me.
“NO!” I screech. I’m not sure why I was so offended because, well, it is surprising really that there is no Def Lepp on Eurydice. “It’s The Replacements. How dare you?”
“Well, it’s all sounds the same,” he said.
“Shut it, Toto.”

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  1. UH 27.Feb.07 at 1:43 pm

    HAHAHAHA like the Replacements are anywhere near as cool as Def Leppard.

    Wait, are you implying something else?

  2. The Indoor Boy 28.Feb.07 at 8:50 pm

    Don’t Tell a Soul beats Stink by some distance, or the other way around. It vey much depends on how drunk I am.

    I shall now listen to All Shook Down for no reason at all.


  3. The Indoor Boy 28.Feb.07 at 8:53 pm

    “Vey” really ought to read ‘very’. Try not to hold it against me..


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