For Kelly, Playlists Part I

01May06: Featuring Rollerskate Skinny by Olds 97’s, You Wear it Well by Rod Stewart, Message to the Boys by the ‘mats, and 19 other songs.

05Jun06: Featuring Why Independent Record Stores Fail by Marah, Letter from an Occupant by the New Pornographers, Too Young to Fall in Love by Motley Crue and 36 other songs.

05Nov04 Pantages: A bootleg of the Paul Westerberg concert at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis

06Nov04 Pantages: Another boot

10May06: Featuring Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters by Elton John, My Favourite Chords by The Weakerthans, She’s a Rainbow by The Rolling Stones, and 13 other songs.

1994: This is a playlist I made when writing The Short Story That Was So Shitty it Made the Baby Jesus Weep. It’s filled with Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Gin Blossoms, The Cranberries and every other band that was popular in 1994 when the story took place.

19May06: Features To Destruction by Dolorean, She’s Gone by Hall & Oates, I’m in Love with a Girl by Big Star, and 13 other songs.

29Mar06: Features The Party’s Crashing Us by Of Montreal, Sukie in the Graveyard by Belle & Sebastian*, The Longhorn Days by Dylan Hicks, and 54 other songs.

60s Music: I think iTunes made this playlist on its own. It’s filled with 129 Dylan, Rolling Stones, and Beatles’ songs.

89.3 The Current: This one’s filled with music I fell lin love with by listening to The Current. It includes A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left by Andrew Bird, Love Love Love by the Mountain Goats, an in-studio version of Girl Inform Me by The Shins, and 27 other songs.

Almost Famous: All the songs from the movie Almost Famous, an all-time favorite. Incidentally, this playlist is filled with songs I’d never even think about listening to by people like Led Zepplin, the Allman Brothers, and Yes that I’d never even think about listening to.

Bring it Right Down: Songs that are a bit of a downer featuring That’s How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart by Aimee Mann, Dreaming by OMD, Dear Chicago by Ryan Adams, and 13 other songs.

C’mon Get Happy: Self explanatory include Sexyback by Justin Timberlake, 853-5937 by Squeeze, The Good Life by Weezer, and Fox on the Run by Sweet, along with 34 other songs.

Can’t Hardly Wait: Includes 21 versions of the song Can’t Hardly Wait.

Fall into You: I’m not sure what this is, I think it’s autumny sounding songs. Features You are Free by Joseph Arthur, Des Moines by Halloween Alaska, Lost Horizons by the Gin Blossoms, and 41 other songs.

Heartbroken: Duh. Includes I Just Wanted to See You So Bad by Lucinda Williams, Whatever Makes you Happy by Paul Westerberg, Untouchable Face by Ani DiFranco, and 13 other songs for the broken hearted.

Hipster Generation: My favorite playlist of them all. It includes all the songs that I have found that mention hips. Includes Shake Your Hips by the Stones, Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira, Good With My Hips by Johnny Taylor and about 29 other Hips songs.

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  1. Jodi 13.Dec.06 at 11:32 am

    *this reminds me of Vodo making fun of Belle & Sebastian by saying he has nothing against them because if he ever went to a concert he know he could kick the ass of every person there. Which I guess being a skinny white guy he doesn’t get that feeling too often.

  2. kelly 13.Dec.06 at 9:09 pm

    Have I mentioned how much you kick ass? An itunes genius of the Super variety.

  3. Jodi 13.Dec.06 at 11:02 pm

    I’ve got more themed lists, I just totally ran out of time.

  4. wolfdog 14.Dec.06 at 4:34 am

    The chicago/road trip one kicked ass. A classic.

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