Fuck you clown


Darling Ones, I am typing with one eye closed. The FFJ who wants another F added to make her Fucking Fabulous Friend Jodie took me out for my birthday. It was, seriously, the aweseomest awesome to ever awesome. She arrived in a motherfucking limo. Seriously. I nearly peed in my pants right there. I’ve never ridden in a limo before and as we were tooling down (up?) 169 on our way to Kieran’s I kept telling her how I bet everyone thinks we’re totally famouse beccause who rdies around in a limo on a Tuesday night?


We do, that’s who. And the Slam was fun fun fun and I got happy birthdays sung to me by all the poets and their guests and the Vodo showed up! The motherfucking Vodo showed up, I nearly crapped my pants. I told her that next year I wanted Paul Westerberg. I mean if she can get he who never responds to e-mail to a poetry slam at Kieran’s, she can work miracles.

Fucking Vodo.

It was so awesome. And for a gift she got me some fucking adult-toy cleanserl. How funny is that? I got vibe cleaner, it makes me want to snort.

And then we went to the Park Tavern with the adorable Slamming Poet and instead of doing karaoke we just drank beer and told jokes, one of which had the punchline “fuck you clown.” I will tell you the joke if you ever want to hear it, but I will not type it because I am typing with one eye closed.

Also, confidential to Kelly, the Vodo was totally asking about you and wondering why you weren’t there and I told him you were in Winona having a baby.

He promptly had a heartattcka dn then I corrected myself and said you were ith a friend who was having a baby and I think he might have understood.

Orange you glad I don’t have to workk tomorrow? Because I certainly am.

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  1. Charles 14.Jun.06 at 8:16 am

    How ya doing today??

  2. kelly 14.Jun.06 at 11:04 am

    My vote is that anyone who produces the Vodo at a social event DEFINITELY deserves the additional “F” to make her Fucking Fabulous Friend Jodie. No question.
    I’ll shoot you an email re: confidential later 🙂

  3. jackassjimmy 14.Jun.06 at 10:24 pm

    Target, the most wonderful store in the world, sells this stuff called emergen-c. It comes in a variety of flavors. It’s a powder you mix with one glass of water and as God is my judge…you will be feeling much better ASAFP.

    I know it’s a little late now, but I’m gla d you had a great birthday celebration and if you ever want to drink like an early twenty-something again, at least you can stock up on anti-hangover ammo.

    Happy Birthday J!



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