accidentally on purpose sorta

so i am drunk, again. well, again because i’ve been drunk before but really i haven’t been drunk or semi-drunk since 2001, well it was christmas eve anyway and does that mean i have a problem?

i am worried that i might have a problem.

see, i am a little stressed out and worried about the stuff going down on the workplace front. i was tense. uberduber tense on the drive home this night. in fact, i was totally freaking out and having mini-panic attacks about every 6.92 seconds. i was sure i was gonna crash ruby and kill myself. i was driving like a gramma and it was driving me nuts.

so when i got home i decide it might be a good idea to have a little glass of wine to maybe relax and what not. really it quite bothers me that i thought a glass of wine would relax me because i amr eally afriad of maybe being an alcoholic because i drank so much in college and really how do you know when it’s a problem. there ought to be some sort of quiz or something like you know?

so anyway, one glass lead to another glass and mostly i was buzzing well before the end of the first glass and i only had the second glass because it seemed to taste so tasty with the hershey’s nuggest with almonds (for nutritional information please call 1-800-468-1714) that i had for dinner. shut up, i know i have to go grocery shopping.

but so, i am sitting her in my underpants (they are boring cotton with blue and purple stripes, i just looked down to chekc for you because i know you care darling ones) and i am wearing my new orangey orange shirt and one sock. i am not sure what happened to the other sock. i am not sure why i haven’t taken off the other sock (it’s the right sock that is currently adorning my right foot for inquiring minds). i remeber taking off my bra, but i don’t know what happened to the left sock.

sad thing is, i was hoping that maybe the wine would help me sleep (because sleep and i are having a bit of tiff) and it’s like 12:01am and i’m not really tired at all, even with the 2 glasses of wine.

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  1. Kevin 31.Jan.02 at 8:07 am

    It sounds to me like you need to see someone. Someone very close to me was having problems coping and decided to finally go see a therapist. Things are much better now. Not because that person was crazy, but because they had lost their balance a little and needed help finding it again.

  2. disappointed in kevin 31.Jan.02 at 1:47 pm

    two glasses of wine does not require therapy. and this comes from a teetotaller. humans are supposed to spend a night every blue moon or so mooning about in their underpants and one sock. you will land on your feet, young lady.

  3. Kevin 31.Jan.02 at 3:44 pm

    Be disappointed all you want. I’ve been reading this site every day for several months now and it seems like Jodi is on a sort of emotional roller coaster. Sometimes talking it out helps. That’s all I was trying to say. I don’t think she’s an alchoholic, and that’s not why I suggested it. The lack of sleep is what made me think of it. The person I know had the same problem, and it was a symptom of a larger issue. Once that issue was worked out, sleep came much easier.


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