lyrics like “i must confess, i want to get undressed” are just not appropriate here

Yesterday when I fueled up Ruby, I bought two bottles of Mixed-berry flavored Vitamin Enhanced Water Beverage. I only enjoyed the refreshing berryness of one of those bottle. As I left one in Ruby to either enjoy later at night in the comfort of my own home, or to drink at work when I was feeling a bit thirsty.

Since I totally forgot the bottle in Ruby last night, I looked forward to some Vitamin Enhanced Water Beverage at work today. But, much to my dismay, when I arrived at Hell, Inc. the bottle of Mixed-berry delightfulness was gone. GONE!

i can only surmise that either Sister #4 stole it this morning before she left for work, or one of my co-workers stole it last night before I left work.

It’s a tragedy in the most truest definition. Now I’m stuck drinking just regular unflavored, unvitamin-enhanced water beverage. What’s the fucking point?

In other news, I have decided that Prince’s song “Head” is too dirty to listen to at work.

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