tobacco stained pick-ups on a junkstore guitar

my heart is heavy and full with words. i need to make time again for writing. i’ve been woefully amiss in that lately. i blame it on the marchness of march and the never-ending bowling tournament gobbling up my weekends. but that’s over for another year, and i do believe there are only three more weeks left of regular bowling so soon, i will have friday nights again to sit and ponder my loneliness and why nobody ever wants to hang out with me. good times, good times.

in other news sister #4 is trying to rekindle her romance with jose. i liked jose, this is a good thing. but at the same time it astounds me. jose is willing to leave his current girlfriend to give it another go with sister #4. wow. i can’t even find someone who will hang out with me on a non-romantic basis and she has men leaving women for her. clearly my three sister possess some sort of genetic thing that i don’t. so i will blame this all on my biological father. i have more to say, but i will save that for later.

in other good news, ogden and oberon have decided to shake hands and be friends. this comes after much sweaty frustration. i even sucked up all my pride and asked the kind, kind help of heather’s BFB, jeremy, and we still couldn’t get it.

wanna know why? because sometimes i am the stupidest person on the face of the earth. it’s because i had oberon’s firewall all set up to block invaders. once i turned it off, they were talking like old friends. that made me quite happy. now i’m setting about getting ogden all tricked out the way i like. well, not right now, because right now i’m at work doing working stuff. but you know, tonight, when i get home perhaps. . . unless of course i have to watch Lost in Translation again because i don’t feel quite lonely and unloved enough.

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