i hope you are not lonely this new year

there are two events every single woman dreads: weddings and new year’s eve. when these two events collide in a horrible set of coincedences, well you might as well put her on a 24 hour suicide watch.

the wedding was beautiful, and i wept. because i am a goober and i always cry at weddings. when i talked to mike, the groom, he looked across the room at michelle, his bride, and turned to me, grinning ” how did i get so lucky? look at her, she’s stunning.”

i wanted to weep again, but i couldn’t because mike would have totally made fun of me for crying. the bride had laughed earlier when i told her i cried during the ceremony. she didn’t even cry. the wedding was amazing. like one of those fairy tale weddings you see in a movie. they said their vows before a giant roaring fire in the fireplace, there were sparkly christmas lights everywhere. just perfect!

being as i was too sober and too single, i ditched the wedding and headed to the bowling alley where a majority of my family had gathered.

i walked into the bowling alley, a surprise to everyone, and there was max, in his penguin shirt standing just inside the door.

he immediately started jumping up and down “aunt jodi, aunt jodi.” he finally stopped long enough to hug me. “i love you aunt jodi,” he said. “look, jaycie, aunt jodi is here!”

and nolie, who was standing on the bar, started pointing and shouting, “JOWee JOWee.”

and my heart was healed just a little bit. because if you can’t seem to garner the love of the big boys, the love of little boys is a good consolation prize.

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  1. Lori 02.Jan.06 at 10:13 am

    That post was so poignant – sweet and true to the end. My little nephew was often my only solace. His love could fill spaces that ached when they were empty. Hope 2006 brings you contentment (but keep sharing the details! I’m hooked on your site).


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