broken heart savior

sister #2 and i were driving back from the anniversary meeting and dinner:
“so do you ever talk to tim anymore?”
“oh god no.”
“what about being friends?”
“how can i be friends with someone who hurt me and lied to me?”
“see? that’s what pisses me off. he hurt you so much. if it had happened to ericka or kelli i wouldn’t be so upset, but he hurt you. they would have stuck up for themselves. you don’t stick up for yourself when someone hurts you. you just cry. i just want to beat the shit out of him for hurting you like that. you just love people and you’re never mean to people and he hurt you. how could anyone hurt you on purpose? i just don’t get it.”
“yeah, i was stupid.”
“you weren’t stupid. you trusted someone and he betrayed you. you didn’t do anything wrong.”
“yeah, it just sucks.”

i am proud to add, that i didn’t cry.

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  1. heather 12.Jun.03 at 11:08 pm

    *sigh* i love you, jodi chromey. you’re like me, but taller and a much, much better person.

  2. Calli 12.Jun.03 at 11:24 pm

    You have a good sister. Everyone should have someone who wants to kick ass for them.


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