see, i’m only human, i want him to hurt

let’s blame all this on goetz, a boy i knew in college. because really it’s his fautl that i’m here and i’m drunk and i got this way.

i was sitting in the middle of the floor crying over “kissing jessica stein” and wishing i were cute and jewish and a painter when i decided it would be a good idea to read old journals.

and in the one journal with the plaid cover and the spiral at the top i had written about how goetz had once said he admired me because i was the type of girl who coudl walk into a bar all by herself. apparently that’s really cool.

so then i decided i was still really cool and then i went and took a shower and put on the bodacious ta-tas shirt. then i walked down to the bars at the end of the street.

and now i’m drunk and here and listening to elvis costello and chatting with people.

i was gonna have mad crazy rebound sex– that was the weird hazy plan. but then in actuality it didn’t sound like such a good idea. so i just drank morgan and diet coke and flirted with men and some bowlers were there so it wasn’t all bad.

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  1. Anonymous 08.May.03 at 5:37 pm

    As long as you’ve got Tom in your court, things could be worse.

    I’m sorry you’re so sad, Jodi.

  2. Martika 02.Jan.04 at 9:29 am

    Gurl you betta try and find someone in which you know you will like do not ever in your life get stuke on one person. Its okie to drink every now and then but do not get carried away