when lerren wrote in the comments about the fate of a hamster named coupland, i knew that name was out of the running. my mind immediately jumped to Jed (and apparently so did Lerren’s), because that’s Daniel’s password in Microserfs. Jed, is Daniel’s dead brother. Jed is also my new iBook.

and boy do i love Jed. when i think about Jed, i get a big apple hard-on. he’s just so pretty and so easy – really really easy. not once while getting Jed up and running did i threaten to throw him or myself into a lake. the threats happened, as my friend wolf to the D-O double-G can attest to, about every 39 seconds when trying to connect the superswanky windows laptop that work gave me to my wireless network.

but there were no suicide threats, no possiblity of bodily harm, unless you consider a 4 hour orgasm a risk. beacause really the whole time i was playing with Jed, i was coming. honest!

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  1. UH 20.Jan.06 at 10:57 am

    My nephew’s name is Jed, so that last paragraph just creeps me out.

  2. jodi 20.Jan.06 at 11:00 am

    is jed tall, cute, and in his 30s?

  3. UH 20.Jan.06 at 1:13 pm

    I haven’t seen him lately, so I’m not sure about tall and cute, but I think he’s nine.


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