a little bit about ray

yesterday was a banner day for me. i got a nice check in the mail from the freelance gig, i got Jed the orgasmatronic (hi peewee dweebie) iBook, AND AND AND, i got ray, a new cellphone.

ray is one of those superslick sexxy thing razr cellphones. it’s so sexxy that i want to jump back and kiss it.

getting ray was totally not my idea and i had no intentions at all of getting a new cellphone. BUT. but, sister #4 bid on the cellphone on eBay. she thought she was bidding on a blue razr (which is what she wants), but instead she was bidding on a regular ol’ silver razr. of course she won. once she won she realized her mistake and then went out and bought the blue razr. well yesterday she got the silver one and she had every intention of eBaying it herself to get her money back.

but then she got all evil on me, offering me a trade. i would give her zippy the wondercam and she would give me the sexxy new razr. see, i am buying a new digital camera (shut up, i get to write them off as ‘work’ expenses) in February, so really. i win!

i totally win. well, i almost win. i have a sexxy phone and nobody who ever calls me.

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  1. PeeWee 23.Jan.06 at 7:24 pm

    I think you wanted to give a shout to dweebie, not PeeWee.
    But I like the recognition!! 😉

  2. jodi 23.Jan.06 at 7:56 pm

    damnit. hi peewee!


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