how to attract a supergenius lesson #8 in an on-going series

develop a love, nay, passion for some really classy singer like frank sinatra, tony bennet, or billie holiday. be a total fantatical fan in a very cute way. you know, collect all their records, even the not so good ones, know all the lyrics, and recount weird little stories about them. and yes, it has to be some old-school crooner type, and not somebody totally new-fangled (like paul westerberg, though bob dylan will do in a pinch, but we really suggest someone who isn’t necessarily alive though we do realize that tony bennet is still alive and kicking it).

that is your lesson for the day. expect a quiz on wednesday.

addendum: the list of acceptable artists you should love to make you swoon-worthy will should also include john lee hooker and chet baker.

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