noveau coke diete la lime

i am coming at you live from the ottawa airport. i am about to embark on the first leg of my journey home. a short layover in chicago and then home, if all goes well. i am so excited to go home that i can’t even find the words. it’s been a long and exhausting trip. great gobs of fun, but really tiring. it doesn’t help at all that all the travelling and not sleeping and endless ceaseless drinking for days has totally exacerbated my bitty baby cold, making it grow into some sort of gianourmos plague-like pandemic that is terrorizing my body and most everyone who is in ear shot of my coughing.

also, i had my first sip of diet coke with lime about 20 minutes ago. i actually wept a little with joy. it is my first diet coke with lime since sunday, maybe even saturday. i sure missed the good old DCwL.

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