and all that science i don’t undestand

ok, remember how last spring i went to chicago and had a big ol’ fucking hootenenanny with my westernerd friends? well i just sorta did that with my coworkers who i adore so much more than i probably should. kappa, al, the cutest girl on earth™, seamus, julie, kappa, and someone who we will henceforth refer to as Software Man. he’s some sort of sales director of some sort. and he’s pretty rad and marrying a friend of mine in a little bit.

but so yeah, i’ve had entirely too muh to drink and i have to be up in a few short hours. but i had to write some of this down so i don’t forget it in he drunken beer haze that will be tomorrow.

see seamus is a pretty good piano player and he was tickling some of the ivories nad we the drunken workerbees were singing and swinging and getting merry like christmas. we had done a lot of drinking at dinner, beause the wine was most tasty ad i tried duck and though i though i wa gonna bargf, it was not so bad. in fact it was good. however, i couldn’t handle the eel (yes eel as in e to the e to the l, lives in water eel omlette thing).

so then after dinner we went to the hotel bar and there is a piano and seamus started playing and well, you have no lived if you haven’t heard your co-workers sing some fucked up version of “let’s get it on” accompanied by the piano. i could tongue kiss them all for knowing all the word. i mena how fucking cool is that? how cool?

so we did some singing we sang rocket man about 492 times because the man who is henceforth known as Rocket Man knows all the owrds. and if you knoew RM you’d die laughing because he’s so not the type you’d think would get up and then start singing some weird elton john song.

we also did journey. pearl jame, neil diamond, jackson browne, ray charles, and a bunch of other crap i can’t remember right now because i am well, frankly, i’m quite drunk.

talk abotu team building.

also when i am sober remind me to tell you the joke about the sheep and the barbed wire.


also my luggage, it is here. my luggage is here! i’ve enver been so happy to see clean socks in my entire freaking life. clean socks for me!

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