mindless giddiness

since i hadn’t been outside since like 9 o’clock tuesday morning, i decided to venture out in the cold, dark unforgiving world today. only it wasn’t so cold, because it’s like 40 degrees out there. FORTY! i live in minnesota and it is december. i went outside without socks, do you have any idea how absolutely glorious that is?

while outside i decided to run a few errands. mostly because i wanted to breath the fresh air and drive around in ruby singing along to Living Room at the top of my lungs (can download the mp3 from their website, and partly to go to the post office and to head out to target buy the movie Garden State. really, you should be amazed at my self-restraint considering i waited two entire days to get it. i used it as a little reward for taking out the garbage AND doing almost all the dishes AND well, i think that’s enough to be rewarded.

there was something else i was gonna say, but i have forgotten it. my mind has been erased by a phone call from Smel that has left me absolutely giddy. giddy with potential. giddy with the idea that the terror of losing my job might abate. just plain giddy.

expect even more giddiness tomorrow after i have lunch with Smel and the FFJ.

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