who rocks the house? mike doughty rocks the house. and when mike doughty rocks the house he rocks it all the way down

yeah, so i’m a little disappointed that i’m typing this instead of having mike doughty make sweet sweet love to me. but, the next best thing to making sweet sweet love is coming home after a mike doughty concert taking off your bra and eating a turkey sandwich. so yes, life it is good.

mike doughty brought the glorious rock and the glorious roll to first avenue tonight and it kicked so much ass that my mind is still a little bit boggled. it was amazing. i have many stories to tell but my eyes are getting droopy. i have to talk about the tri delts and how they fucked up my sweet sweet love vibe. and i have to tell you about the tall club, and how i totally called the first song while sitting at O’Donovan’s (it was “Busting Up a Starbucks” so Wolfdogg and his memorizing of all the set lists from all the shows this tour can kiss my ass).

so yes so many stories to tell and and a bountiful bed that is calling my name.

however before i sleep, you should know that i shook my moneymakers like tonight was the rapture and shaking was my only salvation.

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  1. wolfdogg 13.Oct.05 at 1:50 am


    and the word is…..firetruck.


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