things that i hope to do tonight if i don’t go home and stare at the wall drooling because i have no brain power left to do anything else

• leave work before 7 p.m.
• watch that stupid topher grace movie because you know, i think i kind of have the hots for him
• write about it’s ‘what you like not what you are like’ — you know from High Fidelity, because i’ve been thinkng about that a lot lately
• pack up all the fiction books by authors whose last name starts with either an A, B or C (or fill an entire box with books that will be brought over to the future home of supergenius headquarters)
• have an orgasm
• eat caramel chocolate chip cookies (after dinner of course which will consist of chicken, broccoli and carrots)
• write about the Chuck Klosterman book Killing Yourself to Live that i finished last night
• read the book that i am re-reading A Candle in Her Room hope it doesn’t frighten me too much
• rip a mighty mighty bosstones CD to put onto Roland II the electric boogaloo, because i am so in the mood for the MMBT

i think that is all.

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  1. UH 11.Aug.05 at 7:00 pm

    “ have an orgasm”

    Make sure to do that first.

    And maybe third, and fifth, and so on.

  2. dietcokegurl 11.Aug.05 at 8:07 pm

    Can’t wait to hear what you thought about Killing Yourself to Live. I’m in the middle of it now.


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