and all those other bastards were only practice

the NY Times ran a piece on Liz Phair and her new album today. even though i am in the group of people who were kind of disappointed by here last album “Liz Phair,” i cannot deny that i’m pretty excited for something new from her.

i have a deep and abiding love of ms. phair, which started as a way to get back at my friend meathead in college. meathead was in love with la liz and was going somewhere eminently cool for spring break. Skal and I were not, and stuck in the midwest, deciding at the last minute to go see ms. phair at first ave and to get tattoos for good measure. before the show i had hardly given liz the time of day, and after the show i wasn’t much likely to give her any of my time. it wasn’t that good of a show. but a few years later, i think it was my friend Anderla who kept playing it and playing it and playing it, i heard “Divorce Song.” and it was over. i was in love, and haven’t really fallen out of love with her.

i know some people have been radio overkilled on “why can’t i” and “extraordinary,” and would rather eat their own fist than listen to them again, i just adore those songs. it was liz phair and those two songs that got me through all that ugliness with the outlaw a few years back.

also, a giant P.S.

the NY Times also said, AND I QUOTE, “in 1993 after she released “Exile in Guyville,” a gender-bent song-for-song retort to the 1972 Rolling Stones album, “Exile on Main Street.” that, that is for a smarmy musicgeek friend who was lecturing me about how exile in guyville had more to do with fuck, i can’t think of the band, it’ll come to me, come to me, yes, Urge Overkill and the old-boys club of the chicago music scene.

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  1. zook 03.Aug.05 at 9:41 am

    It’s my understanding that the Exile album had nothing to do with the Stones – I swear I read that from Liz herself but don’t recall where. I’m not nearly insight enough to compare the two albums track for track but I remember trying on a couple songs and not seeing it.

    The Urge Overkill makes sense to me though. Guyville is a Chicago neighborhood where all the up and coming bands on the early 90s lived and hung out and Liz did hang with the Urge guys as well as the Material Issue guys and others who now escape my memory.

    I love Liz too though it as just as much for impure reasons as musical. Looking forward to hearing the new stuff.

  2. jodi 03.Aug.05 at 10:34 am

    I FEEL SO BETRAYED! what is with you chicago people?


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