exotic women’s underthings

the song “favorite” by liz phair just came up on Kathleen Turner Overdrive. it’s a song where liz compares her boyfriend/lover to her favorite pair of underwear. and the singing of underwear reminded me of this morning, when i was getting dressed. as i put on a pair of red-satin jobbers, i thought of “high fidelity.” the scene where rob throws laura’s underpants across the room because he used to dream about being surrounded by exotic women’s underthings but now he knows they only save their best pair for the night they know they’re gonna sleep with someone.

because well, as i was slipping on the red pair, i realized that i totally need to do laundry because i’m down to the ‘get laid’ underpants. not that they’ve seen the light of day in like 39 years. but, well, you know what i mean.

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