the will to carry on

somebody i know was up until 3 a.m. reading John Irving’s Until I Find You, making her incredibly sleepy and super bitchy today. rampant hormones are totally not helping them atter at all.

and though i’m totally not really digging the book all that much, i still cannot seem to put it down. damn you John Irving, damn you to hell — you with your page-turning plot and all the talk of penises. damn you!

so to get through the day, i occasionally have to turn around and lick Roland II. it makes me happy to see all that shiny, unblemished newness. that sad thing is i’m gonna be so wrecked from exhaustion by the time i get home that i probably won’t be able to properly enjoy him.

i need a cookie.

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  1. kara 01.Aug.05 at 6:44 pm

    i have been very much in “i need a cookie” mode for the past two days. in fact, i think it may be all i have talked about…


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