old school hot chocolate and melodramatic winds

i can’t fucking sleep. i’m blaming this solely on mother nature. the wind outside is howling in a most melodramatic fashion and it’s keep me awake. that cloud face with the pursed lips is perched right outside my window. i swear. i want to punch that cloud right in the nose. i have shit to do tomorrow. i need to not sleep until 11:30 in the very close to the afternoon.

so i took matter into my own hands, rising from my warm bed to make some old school hot chocolate. i warmed up the milk and everything. none of that packaged crap tonight. i also added a healthy dose of bailey’s irish cream, just to be sure that it worked it’s sleep-inducing wonders.

so here i sit, waiting for the magic to work, sleepy and really quite crabby, and listening to the recently discovered Listen Rounder Records” href=”http://www.madeleinepeyroux.com/index.php?id=audio.php”>Madeleine Peyroux who is giving me that funny feeling in my hot chocolate. this woman will make your toes curl. no lie.

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