i’ll see you in early septober

as many of you know, i’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of st. paul westerberg’s new album, “Folker.” it’s set to hit stores on tuesday (tomorrow i suppose) september 7th. can you imagine my delight and surprise when i read on the Man Without Ties message board that some of my westernerd cohorts have found the album already in stores. one even found it at best buy.

i know that’s the evil empire (sorry wendy), but you can bet your sweet ass that i plan on hauling my ass there first thing in the morning (sorry damon). i don’t think i’m going to be able to sleep, i’m so excited about the possibility that i could have “Folker” in my greedy hands tomorrow, er today! i haven’t been this excited since the last time he released a record.

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  1. Dana 07.Sep.04 at 6:44 pm

    Now listen. Fuck Best Buy. There has got to be a local music store somewhere within driving distance that can earn your cash and would appreciate the sale more than those fuckbags.