but my life, my love, and my lady is the sea

at work, you can tell it’s all happening when it’s the friday before labor day weekend and the office is still teeming with people. well, teeming for a friday means like six or seven of us. that’s got to be a world record.

i can’t remember exactly what we were chatting about over the cubewalls. i know jess was working on the super-secret gift we’re creating for bonnie’s birthday, i was chatting with darlingjason, graphicsboy was working on some flash thing, when his phone rang. we could tell, immediately it was Al, who he has a big, giant crush on. not that we can blame him, because we all have a big, giant crush on Al. she’s just that crushable.

so we made fun of him for having a crush on Al while he spoke to her, then he suddenly broke out into song, “i’m gonna take you by surprise and make you realize, amanda. i’m gonna tell you right away, i can’t wait another day, amanda.”

“what as that all about?” bonnie asked from her side of the wall.
“we were talking about name songs at lunch and she thought of another one,” he said.
“did she name all the allison songs?” i asked from my side of the wall. “allison by elvis costello.”
“allllllisssooon my aim is true,” bonnie sang.
“plus there’s “allison’s starting to happen” by the lemonheads and “allison road” by the gin blossoms,” i said. “and there’s “veronica” by elvis.”
“and “rosanna”,’ shawn said.
“oh, i can name tons of them ‘kelly’s eyes,’ ‘michelle’ and ‘julia’ by the beatles, ‘peggy sue,’ ‘angie’ by the rolling stones, ‘the trouble with tracy’ by the barenaked ladies.”
“are you looking at some list?” bonnie asked.
“no, i was just obessed with name songs, because there are no cool jodi songs.”
“there’s my bonnie lies over the ocean,” she said. “though that might not count because it’s not cool.”
“there’s none with my name,” jess said from the printer.
“yuhuh,” i said. “‘jesse’s girl’ by rick springfield.”
“that’s about a boy,” she said.
“it could be about lesbians,” i said.
“what about ‘sarah smiles?’ shawn asked.
“good one,” i said. “but my all-time favorite is ‘brandy.'”

then he stared singing. . . “there’s a port on a western bay and it serves a hundred ships a day and the sailors pass the time away and talk about their homes. . .” and and then bonnie joined in, “and there’s a girl in this harbor town and she works laying whiskey down they say brand fetch another round and she serves them whiskey and wine, and the sailors say brandy. . .you’re a fine girl, what a good wife you would be, but my life my love and my lady is the sea.”

about half-way through i had to stand up and look over the wall at jess, who was laughing so hard she was crying. and then three rows over i saw doug stand up. he was wearing the biggest grin i’ve seen on his face, and he walked over, clapping.

“i am so impressed,” he said to bonnie and shawn.

and then i went home. beause you know when they start singing acapella versions of “brandy” it’s time to leave. but this, this is one of the many things that make my workplace so damn cool.

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