heart palpitations

i have to stop thinking about THE CONCERT of the century. because everytime i think about it my heart starts to race all goofy and i think i might be having a heartattack.

i started to panic a little sure that i wouldn’t get tickets. the quest isn’t all that big and well, come on BOB MOULD, PAUL WESTERBERG, THE GEAR DADDIES, GOLDEN SMOG, SOUL ASYLUM all at once? there, i just creamed my jeans again. this has got to stop.

but so yeah, i was worried about the getting of the tickets, but it seems that FFJ might be able to hook me up and for that i will bow down and praise her like i should. i am so excited about this i can’t stop smiling and the heart racing and the wanting to tell most everyone i know and squeal and shout like a little girl.

artguy said that they should put out a tiger beat filled with minnesota music just for me because i’m acting like a 12-year-old.

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