scenes from a day

so yes, the day started out super great with a giant hug from my favorite frat boy, and even though the office politics encroached, when you get a hug first thing in the morning, not too many things can bring you down.

plus, the whole day just ended wonderfully. sometimes i forgot just how much fun my workplace can be. for instance, today i got to teach the minion how to play connect four. she’d never played before. she’s now the undefeated connect four champion of the creative group (she’s beat both me and the artguy).

and earlier when i was talking about back to the future and how if i could go back and do everything over, i wouldn’t make my parents rich because that would totally screw up the time-space continuum and then i might not ever be born, i got to crack old jokes all over the artguy. because, of course, he said that he never really watched all of back to the future or sixteen candles or any of those movies because he was too old by the time they came out. and i asked if he just watched things like to kill a mockingbird and beach blanket bingo over and over because that’s what all the kids were watching in those days.

of course, he got the ultimate revenge when, while playing connect four with the minion, he asked me (in reference to my story “Coat of Barbed Wire”) if i took this little game to the mall in hopes of getting someone to play with me.

but really, i didn’t even get offended until he called the paul westerberg posters in my apartment “classy” in a really sarcastic manner.

i plan on going to bed tonight and thinking of nasty comebacks.

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