you wanna know how quickly i wet my pants?

i was traversing the Web this afternoon (taking a breaks from my book rearranging [don’t ask, i’m sick i get to do these things]) when i stumbled upon a site called largehearted boy. all i can say, is that i totally, totally heart largehearted boy at the moment. see, it was while scanning the site when my supergenius superreplacements tunnel vision kicked in and i noticed he had a link to a book from Contnuum’s 33 1/3 series. this is a series of chapbooks that are written by muscians, critics, what have you about a certain record that they just love, love, love.

anyway, so he links to Colin Meloy’s book which is going to be about The Replacements’ “Let It Be”!


does it get any better when your passions collide in such a divine manner? i mean, COME ON. . . a book written by colin meloy, the lead singer of the decemberists about my ALL-TIME FAVORITE REPLACEMENTS RECORD!

yeah, i think i need a cigarette now or something.

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