gouge my eyes with platitudes of sentiment

i’m like those big, sad-eyed wan looking precious moments dolls, all fragile and racked with some sort of sickly disease that makes my body shake with the power of my own coughing. i thought i was getting over the cold, but no, no, no i think that was just the preview of the big show. because baby, the big show has started and i am not a happy camper, no, i’m the big, sad-eyed precious moments thing, remember?

yeah and along with my diminished immune system comes a diminished most everything else. i’m feeling really quite sorry for my sad, sick self. who in the hell gets sick in the middle of july? and worst of all, who gets sick on the one friday night they actually have something to do? yes, i know! it’s friday night and i actually had plans. it was probably such a shock to my system that it couldn’t fight of the bad nasties. oh my god! something to do? somethign to do? we have something to do on friday, ignore those cold germs, we have something to do on friday! alert the press.

yeah, fuckers.

now all my fridaynightsomethingtodoness has vanished in my body’s desire to go home and sit on the fabulous blue couch with some hot cocoa and a bad movie that will make me cry (like i do all other 51 friday nights of the year).

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  1. Rolpol 11.Jul.04 at 10:06 am

    Hope you’re feeling a little better…


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