current crushes, a list

– the song “The Good Times are Killing Me” by Modest Mouse
– the writer minion, even though she’s not here today
– the book A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That
– nice-eyed skatercutie from writing class
– zucchini
– the phrase “____ rocks the casbah” and it doesn’t help that Casbah [(‘kaz-ba) n 1: a North African castle or fortress *2: the native section of a North African city] is the word of the day
– all the smart, smart women in my bookclub
– fresh strawberries
– my new pink toothbrush
– freecell
– the short story that’s nearly finished call “Drive a Truck Straight Through” by me
– gmail
– my work to-do list for 28Jun04-02Jul04 with 10 of 15 things crossed off
– the way yellow sprees make my eye do that twittering thing like i have a weird tic

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  1. Thomas 01.Jul.04 at 7:26 am

    You don’t have a wierd tic? Damn, the fantasy is spoiled.

    I dated an epileptic girl who I was afraid of being intimate with. I feared that if we were in flagrante delicto, and she had a petite mal seizure, I wouldn’t be able to differentiate it from just doing a good job.