music to write by

for the past week and a half i’ve been listening to matthew sweet’s “100% Fun” on repeat. it’s weird. i listened to matthew sweet nonstop from 1993 to 1995. and when i hear this album i’m instantly 22 years old again and i’m sitting in the bubble at the spectator office with the song “Super Baby” bouncing off the glass walls. chances are if i was hiding out in the bubble with matthew sweet playing really quite loudly, i had a lot of writing to do or flirting. but probably it was more the writing, i flirted everywhere i could at any chance.

one day an alarming discovery was pointed out to me.
“why do you love him so much?” johnson asked.
“what?” i asked. i probably though he was talking about chuck or lafrenz or whomever the babe of the moment was.
“why do you love matthew sweet so much?”
“i don’t love him,” i said because for some reason i had decided it was probably not cool to love matthew sweet.
“you’ve been listening to him for two years.”

and that’s when i realized i had been listening to him for two years and that i did love him. but what’s the weirdest of all is that whenever i have a huge deadline with tons of stuff to write, i pull matthew sweet off the shelf and it just puts me in a zone. he’s my music to write by.

also, because heather did, so did i:

A – Age: 32.
B – Band listening to right now: matthew sweet because he makes me feel like i’m 22 again and well i just need to hear a lot of matthew sweet lately
C – Career future: full-on non-corporatewhorelike writer.
D – Dad’s name: dennis
E – Easiest person to talk to: sister #3.
F – Favorite song: i will dare, is there anyone on earth who doesn’t know that it’s my all-time favorite song? the favorite of this week is probably “the good times are killing” me by modest mouse and/or “i met a girl i’d like to know better, but i’m already with someone” which is probably not the name of the song at all, but you know, i so dig it and don’t know the name of it.
G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: neither, too gross. i do, however, like dots.
H – Hometown: nowhere that’s my home dear. i don’t think i have a home town. but i live in prior lake.
I – Instruments: i played the alto saxophone for six years. i told the artguy this information yesterday and he asked me if lisa simpson was my idol.
J – Job: copywhore, er copywriter
K – Kids: yes, in a few years.
L – Longest car ride ever: to pennsylvania it sucked ass.
M – Mom’s name: diane
N – Number of people you slept with: a lot, i don’t like to count because it’s just depressing and then when i get nearly done with the list i realize there’s one that i completely almost forgot and then i just have to stop because there’s probably more that i completely forgot and i have to think too hard to try to remember all the men that i forgot, and usually hey are forgotten for good reason.
P – Phobia[s]: worms, boredom, being forgotten
Q – Quote: i am fucking perky
R – Reason to smile: i got towake up this morning
S – Song you sang last: not when i need it by matthew sweet
T – Time you wake up: usually around 7:30 or 8
U – Unknown fact about me: oh honey, do you really think there’s anything left to be unknown? really? there probably is but i can’t think of anything off the top of my head
V – Vegetable you hate: green beans and mushrooms (while technically not a vegetable it’s always in the produce aisle so it sort of counts)
W – Worst habit: procrastination
X – X-rays you’ve had: teeth, foot (when i broke it) hands (when they thought i was the freakishly never gonna stop growing girl)
Y – Yummy food: cheetos
Z – Zodiac sign: gemini

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  1. Danny 30.Jun.04 at 11:32 am

    100% Fun has

    a: the coolest retro album cover imaginable (I swear my parents owned that couch.)

    b: one of the simplest, yet profound rock n roll album titles ever.

    c: “We’re The Same” The song Brian Wilson has been trying to write his whole life, but Matthew Sweet beat him to it.

  2. Robin 01.Jul.04 at 9:18 am

    There’s no song more cathartic than “Sick of Myself”. Period.