need a nap

i am resisting the urge to take a good, long, warm nap. it’s not so easy, seeing as i didn’t get to sleep until after 8:30 this morning. also, i’m reading the modern retelling of The Little Women, which i’m not so sure i’m digging at all. my life, it’s dull today.

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  1. jo 28.Dec.03 at 10:45 pm

    I couldn’t get through it. I didn’t like how mean-spirited it was. Maybe at some point I will try again, but maybe not.

  2. jodi 29.Dec.03 at 7:36 am

    i’m only about 60 pages in. i admit having the sister’s reader’s notes is pretty clever, and i like those. but the actual novel itself is just, i’m not sure. i feel like joanna is knocking me over the head with how utterly perfect their life was until the affair, i just keep shouting in my head “i get it, i get it, now get to the good stuff.”