she asked me if i would step outside

since i was so productive in my sleeplessness last night/this morning, i have decided that i can be an utter waste of skin in my awakeness this afternoon/tonight. it seems like a fair trade to me. ‘sides with only four hours of sleep, i can’t be expected to do too much can i? maybe the dishes, maybe.

i did get the new site designed and up. i am sure it will languish in nothingness much like bittersweetheart. we’ll see. it’s still too new perhaps.

last night i had strange, strange dreams. it was almost like a dream sequel. because in this dream, i dreamt that i got stood up by dancing boy from this dream. and i was a little hurt and i didn’t know what to say, since we had had such a good time the first date (apparently, because i said something much like that to myself in this dream). but then things got all wonky and dreamlike. and there was something wrong with one of ruby’s tires and the hot guy from R&D and my brother-in-law tony were trying to fix it while i munched on all these christmas cookies.

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  1. Cleo 28.Dec.03 at 3:55 pm

    Wow, what an uncanny dream. I never have dreams like that. Mine are usually plain and simple, nothing special. And nothing too symbolisitc (did I spell that right…?) either.

    Well, keep dreamin’ (literally)! And I’ll catch ya on the flip side.



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