i love the night life

i was in a trailer, i’m not sure who it belonged to. i was in the trailer with maybe sister #4, maybe jaycie, might have been my cousin jerry, 12. i’m not exactly sure who was there with me and what we were doing, but a storm was brewing. i looked out the window at the black, black clouds and noticed everything had grown quite still. “get to the bathroom,” i shouted to the younger relative who was with me. we sat down on the floor next to the bathtub. the younger relative sat on the floor between my legs, and i wrapped my arms around him/her to keep him/her protected from any falling debris.

as the trailer lifted off the ground and started spinning, i kept chanting, “please don’t hurt us, please don’t hurt us.”

we spun around in the air forever, and then i could feel the tornado putting us down. suddenly i was outside the trailer watching from the sky, as it skidded across some residential street and headed for a home, stopping short of crashing into the home.

then i was at my parents’ apartment telling them about the tornado. they didn’t believe me, until i took them to the place we were and they saw all the damage.

next dream:
some sort of family gathering, in the summer. sister #2 and her kids were there, jodi hanson, my parents. we got a phone call that rose had died. i was crushed, sister #2 was furious and jodi was bewildered. sister #2 started making plans to go the funeral, but she decided that i wouldn’t go. i was angry and we stared fighting. “he hated you when you were like this,” i said. “he hated what you were like when you were around jodi.”

she was so mad at me, she got that look on her face that she used to get when we were kids and fought– that look where she curls back her top lip and pushes her tongue against her clenched teeth (the exact same look her daughter jaycie gets when she’s really angry). she took the headband off my head and snapped it in two and threw it at me. i started crying and she left for the funeral.

next dream:
i’m not sure where i was, but i was driving with jody from class, we were headed to walgreens. for some reason i had decided we simply must go to the walgreens in prior lake, as if that were the only one on earth. i drove a red jeep, he was at my side, we were laughing. when we got there– i needed some sort of pills or something, we ran into my mom, aunt anna, and aunt cathy. when we were ready to check out, we sat down at this weird computer thing where you checked yourself out. then i woke up.

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  1. FPLR 02.Dec.03 at 1:53 pm

    Walgreens in Prior Lake? You must have been dreaming! 🙂 We only have a Snyders.

  2. jodi 02.Dec.03 at 2:00 pm

    well sure if you want to be technical and all. but in the jodiverse all that stuff at 13 and 42 is prior lake.


  3. FPLR 02.Dec.03 at 2:30 pm

    Absolutely, it’s your dream. Just make sure those folks from the high school name debate don’t hear about it 🙂