early sex-type fantasies

since i was thinking about leather tuscadero earlier, i thought i’d share that one of my earliest sex-type fantasies revolved around Happy Days.

In the fantasy, i was always pinky tuscadero and i had just climbed onto the hood of my car during the demolition derby and fonzie came and saved me from getting hurt. then we would smooch.

that was it. i was young. but man i really wanted to be pinky smooching on the fonz. pinky was the coolest.

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  1. Dana Broe 10.Nov.03 at 11:00 am

    Yeah. I always wanted to have relations with Joanie. Then the Fonz would come looking for me for knocking up “short-cake”.

    It occurs to me now that I was actually writing my own episodes. Early fanfic. I’m weird.

  2. jodi 10.Nov.03 at 11:09 am


    i present to you, the top five happy days characters i wanted to smooch:
    5. ralph malph
    4. richie
    3. potsie
    2. chachi
    1. fonzie