my assignment

andrea posted an assignment to think about the nicest things ever said to you. i think i’ve written about this before. but here it goes:

my final semester in college on of my favorite professors, John Ullmann, gave us an assignment. we had to interview him for this fake story and it was video taped. then we had to watch the tape with him and he critiqued us. after my session he turned to me and said, “ms. chromey someday i want to sit down and interview you. i’d like to discover the secrets that hide behind your eyes.”

the second thing said to me that i’ll always remember came from my college buddy tom goetz. tom was rather conservative and i am a bleeding-heart liberal. we were arguing about something. maybe NEA funding or something. he gets exasperated and says, “chromes, i may be a button-down oxford and you may be a grunge flannel, but we’re both cotton!”

i also remember the first time jaycie pointed to me and said my name. the whole fam was eating dinner at perkins. jaycie was in her highchair and she pointed to me and said, “jowee.” i think i cried.

and that’s what i remember. so, what does that say about me?

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  1. Kevin 19.Oct.01 at 11:24 am

    I’ll save the serious one for my site, later, when I feel like dredging it back up. But, the nicest thing anyone said to me in junior high was my redneck friend Kelly. Some kid called me fat, and Kelly got right in his face, and said, “Kev ain’t fat, dumbass, he’s ‘fluffy’.” It was the coolest thing I’d ever heard anyone say.

  2. Edge 19.Oct.01 at 3:15 pm

    Reminds me of when my sister beat up the neighborhood bully for calling me “Blue Jean” instead of by my given name.

    His Mom came to my house with this bully in tow. He had a shiner and a swollen nose. I answered the door, and she said, “I need to speak to your mother.” I got my Mom, and when Mom talked to bully’s Mom, it came out that it wasn’t me, but my sister that did the damage. Bully’s Mom looked at him, cracked up laughing, and left.

    When my Mom asked my sister why she did it, she said, “Nobody messes with my Brother Billy.”

    At the time, she probably weighed all of 55 lbs, while this bully was a good 110 lbs. Oh, and she’s also two years younger than me, four years younger than bully boy (who never came out anymore after that day).

  3. andrea 19.Oct.01 at 4:51 pm

    wow, somebody actually did the assignment!


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