a new BFF

jeff has promised to be my new best friendboy (NBFB). this makes me happy. i need a NBFB. i have an BFF (that’d be kari my best friend forever). of course he has no idea what he’s signing up for, but now it’s too late, he’s already accepted. and well, i have to be his NBFG, so it’ll be fair and all. plus, he’s gonna have to deal with me every week from now until december, and if i can con him into taking another class, well forever.

anyway, it’s trial by fire and all. to wit:
GeminiMat: have you ever seen the movie “the ring”?
NBFB: I have, why?
GeminiMat: you know when she takes the pciture and her face is all swirly?
NBFB: I saw it once, my memory is bad… I think so.
GeminiMat: well i just took a bunch of picture sof myself
GeminiMat: and there’s a weird ghosty thing going on
GeminiMat: then i wiped off the lens and tried again
GeminiMat: and they were all horribly out of focus
NBFB: I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for that.
GeminiMat: i am gonna die in seven days!

see how much fun this gonna be?

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