i am a dancing monkey

for the one of you clamoring for an update:
i’m lonely and that just gives me so much time to think and it’s not all good, it’s not all bad either. i’m just in one of those moods where i’m absolutely sure that i’ll never have anyone to share my life with and it sucks because there’s a lot to share lately and nobody who wants it, you know?

i got these aqua colored contacts in today and it makes me feel like a total fraud. like i’m in disguise or something. the change isn’t even that dramatic, i just feel like i put someone else’s eyes in. i’ll show you when i get home tonight, after i watch dawson’s creek.

work has been really busy, that’s not just an excuse. i’ve been working on a HUGE project for our biggest partner and well, it’s a HUGE project with a super tight deadline and there have been whispered rumblings that we’ll blow the deadline which makes me all the more adamant in making the deadline. also, all this work makes me think my life is empty. while my career keeps getting better and better my personal life blows. what’s the deal?

sister #2 announced she was pregnant. soon the peanut will have a sibling. if the new baby has red hair too, i will have to eat my own liver in pure, pure jealousy. speaking of my adorable peanut he’s about the flirtiest thing ever. his smile makes me warm inside.

sister #4 arrived home safely from europe. her pictures of venice make my heart hurt. it’s so unfair! already, i’m bored with her stories.

i think that’s it. any questions?

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  1. Thomas 07.May.03 at 10:19 am

    Well, now that you ask, yes, I have a question.

    When eating your own liver, would you serve it with red wine, or would the fact that your liver is no longer there to process alcohol just make it silly to do so?


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