what’s a few months between friends?

when i realized that today was the 13th of April, i freaked out. somehow i had decided it was like the 5th or something– don’t ask. so i began a frantic search for my car payment bill. i guess they don’t give you payment books anymore, i get a monthly payment.

during the frantic search, i unearthed a stack of stamped and addressed valentines. oh boy do i suck. it was clear i had only gotten half-way through the process. so those that are done will soon be winging their way to their rightful owners. and i promise to take back all the bad things i said about you ungrateful bitches.

i figgered i’d best send them out because i need some serious love juju and in the immortal words of either paul or john, “the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

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