eight days a week . . .

. . . is exactly the amount of time you have left to get me birthday presents!

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  1. Thomas 29.May.02 at 7:07 pm

    I’d buy you something dorky, like a “punching nun” doll from Archie McPhee, but I just “met” you.

    I’d send a card, but I missed the “Funny, talented Web Girl/Woman” section at Hallmark.

    I’d buy you a pet, but pets are inappropriate gifts! Pets should be picked by the person themselves. (This message sponsored by the ASPCA)

    Instead, I’ll wish you a happy birthday now, in case the tedium of modern life pulls me away from your charming dialogue my Google searched turned up. And with that wish goes my hopes you’ll be happy, healthy, and well compensated in the year to come. (And really well laid, providing you meet the man of your dreams.)

    Yes, I’m a well-meaning cheap bastard, wah hey?